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Time Travel

If time travel is to exist there must first be a logical conclusion that more than one dimension exists. One cannot visit Tatooine if there is no Tatooine, (Star Wars, home of Luke Skywalker).

Archeologist Michael Cremo wrote that we are a part of a multi-dimensional cosmos in which ordinary matter, such as planes and pure consciousness co-exist and are inhabited by beings of the different realms. He believes that we have somehow developed from the realm of pure consciousness and that the Hindu Vedas talk of spacecraft that could travel between planets subtle dimensions and pure consciousness.

Dr. Michio Kaku has said that if space is the fifth dimension, ripples on it are seen as light. If the other dimensions vibrate, then the ripples are seen as the nuclear force, so the forces of the universe can be viewed as ripples in hyper-space. The problem with this is that there is no proof that life-forms can exist in other dimensions to see the ripples. Atoms, as we know them, may not be stable in other dimensions. If we replace Newton's Inverse square law with an inverse tube law, then solar systems and atoms fall apart. But new forms of matter may exist in higher dimensions. Confusing? Think of it this way: there is no guarantee that kinds of matter we are familiar with will exist in other dimensions, will be identifiable to us. And there is no way we can be certain that kinds of matter that we do identify will behave in the same manner as the earth-bound counterpart. If you were studying anti-matter and were looking at a partial view of a positron, you might assume that it was an electron, or seemed like an electron. Until it met a genuine electron and then the two running into each other would annihilate themselves and you would only get a burst of energy. And this would leave you with no proof that either had existed ... at least in the form to which you were accustomed to seeing.

And there is another problem which I call the revolving door. In any normal store, a revolving door will take you into and out of a store. But sometimes you have one door that lets you in and another that lets you out. What if there was some physical or chemical or biological trait that allowed you to leave? Suppose only women could leave? Or only black women? Or white Hispanic males? The door may be selective in such a situation and we wouldn't know it! Same way with entering or leaving other dimensions. Perhaps you could find a small open space through which you could slide through without the door even noticing you? That might be like going into hyperspace. In other words, there may be no reason logical to us for being able or unable to pass through the inter-dimensional doorways. And this may be exactly what happens with some kinds of time-slips where someone finds themselves in a totally unexplainable situation.

This is the part of time travel I find most feasible. It is the part where I leave or someone or something enters this dimension without any intervention on my part. So while I may experience another time or place, it is actually someone else or something else causing the reaction; or somehow letting this something else know that I am ready and willing for a change of venue.

Another thing to be considered in all of this is whether or not our encounters, chance or by design, with other dimensions can tell us something. Or is this a case where our encounter is in and of itself the message?